Home & FAQ’s
Can you build a site that looks like….?
Absolutely! Obviously you wouldn’t want a mirror copy, but we can take inspiration from your favorite site(s) to create a site that has the essence of the site you love, but is uniquely yours. In fact, during the Groundwork phase we will ask you to provide us with links to sites that you like along with what you like about them. Maybe you like the colors on one site, the layout on another site, a specific feature on yet another. We take all that into consideration to ensure complete satisfaction.
What does CMS stand for?
CMS stands for Content Management System. In the context of web design, it is the software application that is used to create, publish, manage and store content for the website. This will include the text, graphics, videos, audio, coding, and everything that makes up the site. Two examples are WordPress and Joomla.
Isn’t WordPress for blogging?
If you want a blog, then WordPress is the CMS of choice for sure. But just because it is used for blogging, doesn’t mean it is limited to that. WordPress can be used to create pretty much any type of site you need. In fact, the site you are viewing was created in WordPress. WordPress has been downloaded over 60 million times!
What is Joomla?
Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems for creating websites. It isn’t quite as well known as WordPress, but that hasn’t slowed down what has become nearly explosive growth with right at 1 million downloads per month now. Joomla has been downloaded over 50 million times!
Wordpress or Joomla? Which is best?
It depends. There really isn’t a one size fits all solution. Everyone has different levels of experience, preferences, and goals. We will discuss these and decide which is best for you. Generally, if you plan to manage the site yourself after we build it, then WordPress has a slight edge in being user-friendly and easy to understand. Joomla is has a slightly steeper learning curve. However, if we are going to host and manage your site then we are back to square one. There are pros and cons to both and we will help you find the right fit.
I only need my site designed and then will take over. Do you do that?
Not a problem. Most of our customers prefer a hands-off site which is why we offer a complete package including hosting, maintenance and regular updates. Even tech-savvy people like this service as it frees their time to focus on their business. However, there are a few who really like to handle all the hosting and updates personally so we can accommodate that as well.
Instead of a monthly plan, can I reach out on an as-needed basis?
Yes, whatever plan works best for you and your organization. Just keep in mind that our subscription clients receive top priority and a discounted rate. Generally, if you are going to need to make regular or semi-regular changes it is to your advantage to subscribe to a regular plan.
How long will it take to build my website?
Obviously, every site is unique and has its challenges. A large part is dependent on obtaining everything we need from the client. This is a collaborative effort. It can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months, but the average time it takes is 3-4 weeks depending on the amount of work in queue.
I’m ready to hire you! What do I do first?

Just contact us by phone or email and we will send you a short questionnaire to complete or if you prefer we can do it over the phone. Once we have a good idea what your needs and goals are for the website we’ll provide you a written quote. Upon acceptance and receipt of the initial payment work begins and you are on your way to a new website!