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Our Guarantee to You.

We Want Our Clients 100% Satisfied

As a client of Click2Grow you deserve nothing less than our best. No matter how big or how small we value each and every client. Rest assured that you are our priority.

In this age of “one and done” college basketball recruiting it is a rarity to find a super star to stay 4 years in college. (If you aren’t a sports fan the term refers to recruits out of high school who play the minimum one year at the college level and are done, moving on to the pros.) Likewise, we don’t want a one and done relationship with our clients. If that is all you have need for at this time, we are certainly more than happy to oblige. However, we want to build a relationship with our clients. One that will last years, working side by side helping you to grow your business with your online efforts.

With that in mind, whether you are seeking a basic logo design, a complex website construction from the ground up, to an integrated SEO campaign we want to earn your trust and exceed your expectations in every way.

Timely Communication. You’ve probably been victim to the overzealous sales person who charms your socks off, but is never heard from again after the deal is closed. With Click2Grow you will receive the same high level of communication through the entire process. It doesn’t end once you select us for your project. You can expect us to be honest, realistic, and not promise you anything beyond what we can provide. In fact, some even say that communication is better AFTER coming on board. You will have the owner’s personal cell phone so you can text any time day or night, even after normal business hours for situations that cannot wait until the next business day.
Affordable service. You will find our pricing to be highly competitive in this market because we tailor to small businesses and non profits. We love working with “mom & pop” shops. If you want to know how we can provide such exceptional service at such a low rate just ask.
Quick turn-around. We strive to make on-time delivery of every project. If something happens to alter the schedule that is beyond our control you can expect prompt notification and we may also have suggestions to keep the project on track.
Professionally created designs. Our team will take your ideas and inspirations and turn it into a work of art. You don’t want a cookie cutter clip art. You want a clean, fresh logo and website that matches the look and feel of your brand, your personality, and your overall business. We can deliver.